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Actors Comedy Studio is the world’s only acting school dedicated solely to Acting for Sitcoms and Sitcom Audition Technique.

We offer the best Sitcom Training in LA!

Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher and Lauren Bertoni founded ACS with the primary goal of giving actors a safe and effective place to master the art of performing scripted comedy.

Our curriculum is innovative and our faculty are experienced, forward thinking professionals who have tremendous knowledge of the craft and practical information about the Entertainment Industry.

Our student body is comprised of serious, motivated actors, writers and self-producers who are becoming leaders in the new media era of show business. They’re either booking work or creating their own.

Gunnar has worked in Hollywood as an actor, improviser, writer, teacher, director and self-producer for twenty-five years.

Lauren heads the Youth Division. She’s has a Master’s Degree in Education and is currently pursuing her PhD in education and on her way to becoming Nationally Board Certified. 

Together, we endeavor to create a progressive place to study acting; a more effective and time efficient place. ACS is also a social place with shows, showcases and a thriving community of supportive peers.

We are dedicated to creating a friendly and nurturing environment for everyone.

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