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Mike L. MurphyIt’s really hard for a writer or director to nail a pitch because so much comes down to performance. Gunnar is able to take his natural abilities to elicit great performances out of actors & tailor that towards helping ‘behind the camera’ types feel comfortable when performing their pitch. On top of that, Gunnar was instrumental in offering great story advice, funny jokes, & helping to bring the emotion out at key story points. But I beg you, please don’t hire him, cause he may be too booked to coach me!

Mike L. Murphy
7461 Beverly Blvd. Ste. 202
Los Angeles, CA 90036


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About Us

Actors Comedy Studio is a place for actors and creative people to learn and grow. Our foundation is rooted in comedy and our methods and techniques continue to prove the test of time and sound. The ACS faculty are all immensely qualified instructors with both practical experience, and a passion for teaching that ignites our students into action.

We understand that today’s world is about specializing and owning your role in the marketplace. The opportunities for well trained comedic actors are staggering–and we’re dedicated to helping our students achieve their goals.



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