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Phillip DanielA few months ago, I got a last minute audition. The script wasn’t available ahead of time, so I knew that I would have to work hard and fast on it once I got to the session. When I arrived, I sat down with the script and began breaking it down using the tools and processes that Gunnar taught me at ACS. After about 4 minutes, the writer of the series came out of the room and said that they were ready for me. I went into the audition and they all laughed – the writer, director and lead actor. More importantly, I wasn’t “acting” in the scene, I was really in it. I got the job.

Phillip Daniel
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Acting For Sitcoms 1



We are LA’s experts on teaching you how to work in TV Comedy. The skills you learn today will help you book tomorrow! Auditioning is technical, fast paced and digital. Let us help you meet Casting and Producers like a pro.


Acting for Sitcoms 1 is a six-week course that sets you on the path to working in TV Comedy. You will learn valuable skills and industry inside knowledge on what it takes to become a sitcom actor.

    • Learn our iCAMERA method of Script Analysis
    • Learn our Top Ten Characters of Comedy
    • Learn the difference between single-camera and multi-camera shows
    • Learn how to cold read better
    • Start identifying who you are in the marketplace


Class Time:

Monday 7 – 10 pm

July 16 – August 20

$390 for the course

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