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Phillip DanielA few months ago, I got a last minute audition. The script wasn’t available ahead of time, so I knew that I would have to work hard and fast on it once I got to the session. When I arrived, I sat down with the script and began breaking it down using the tools and processes that Gunnar taught me at ACS. After about 4 minutes, the writer of the series came out of the room and said that they were ready for me. I went into the audition and they all laughed – the writer, director and lead actor. More importantly, I wasn’t “acting” in the scene, I was really in it. I got the job.

Phillip Daniel
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Acting For Sitcoms



Acting for Sitcoms is a weekly workout class; there is no official start or end date. Begin taking classes on the day that works best for you! 

Classes are $390 for 6 weeks of class ($65 per class). A minimum three month commitment is strongly encouraged for the best results.

A brief meet and greet with an ACS teacher, or completion of our Comedy Cast Intensive, is required prior to enrollment. We do not offer audits. Call 323.302.9152 or e-mail the office at to enroll. 



Class Dates:
(Classes occur once a week.)


Monday 7 – 10 PM

Tuesday 12 – 3 PM


More About Acting for Sitcoms:

Our classroom environment is nurturing, supportive and challenging to actors of varying experience levels and ability. Actors work on-camera with playback every week. In addition, we encourage networking, socializing and building a community of peers.

The weekly workout classes continuously produce new relationships and casting opportunities. Alongside acting, class regularly includes discussions on marketing and up-to-date information about the constantly evolving entertainment industry.

  • Learn to break down sides quickly and efficiently.
  • Create strong, organic characterizations.
  • Find the honesty in the absurdity of scripted comedic material.
  • Increase your cold reading skills.
  • Nail your adjustments and redirection.
  • Perfect your on-camera audition technique.
  • Develop the knowledge and vocabulary to market yourself like a pro.
  • Work with multi-camera, single-camera and dramedy scripts.


Is Acting for Sitcoms Right for Me?

Acting for Sitcoms is particularly beneficial for:

  • Improv / Sketch performers who have comedy experience but lack audition technique and on-camera training. 
  • Actors coming out of a University or Art School program.
  • Actors who have primarily worked in drama and wish to master the art of comedy work.
  • Working actors who aren’t booking as frequently as they’d like and aren’t sure why.
  • Actors transitioning into a new category, age range, or era of their career.
  • Directors, writers and self-producers who’d like to participate in a fun and interactive class.
  • Stand-Ups who wish to translate their persona into a viable character for a TV or web series.
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