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Jonathan LevitI have taken many, many classes in los Angeles, ranging from acting scene study to comedy to improv. There are very few teachers or schools that “get it”. Gunnar Todd is at the top of the list! He understands what it means to be an actor and deliver what is needed on screen and on stage. If you are trying to accomplish any level of success in this business, as an actor, you NEED to study with Gunnar!

Jonathan Levit
7461 Beverly Blvd. Ste. 202
Los Angeles, CA 90036


Contact us today to schedule a free one on one meeting to find out more about ACS in person!

Acting For Sitcoms



Acting for Sitcoms is a weekly workout class; there is no official start or end date. Begin taking classes on the day that works best for you! 

Classes are $390 for 6 weeks of class ($65 per class). A minimum three month commitment is strongly encouraged for the best results.

A brief meet and greet with an ACS teacher, or completion of our Comedy Cast Intensive, is required prior to enrollment. We do not offer audits. Call 323.302.9152 or e-mail the office at to enroll. 



Class Dates:
(Classes occur once a week.)


Monday 7 – 10 PM

Tuesday 12 – 3 PM


More About Acting for Sitcoms:

Our classroom environment is nurturing, supportive and challenging to actors of varying experience levels and ability. Actors work on-camera with playback every week. In addition, we encourage networking, socializing and building a community of peers.

The weekly workout classes continuously produce new relationships and casting opportunities. Alongside acting, class regularly includes discussions on marketing and up-to-date information about the constantly evolving entertainment industry.

  • Learn to break down sides quickly and efficiently.
  • Create strong, organic characterizations.
  • Find the honesty in the absurdity of scripted comedic material.
  • Increase your cold reading skills.
  • Nail your adjustments and redirection.
  • Perfect your on-camera audition technique.
  • Develop the knowledge and vocabulary to market yourself like a pro.
  • Work with multi-camera, single-camera and dramedy scripts.


Is Acting for Sitcoms Right for Me?

Acting for Sitcoms is particularly beneficial for:

  • Improv / Sketch performers who have comedy experience but lack audition technique and on-camera training. 
  • Actors coming out of a University or Art School program.
  • Actors who have primarily worked in drama and wish to master the art of comedy work.
  • Working actors who aren’t booking as frequently as they’d like and aren’t sure why.
  • Actors transitioning into a new category, age range, or era of their career.
  • Directors, writers and self-producers who’d like to participate in a fun and interactive class.
  • Stand-Ups who wish to translate their persona into a viable character for a TV or web series.
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