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Phillip DanielA few months ago, I got a last minute audition. The script wasn’t available ahead of time, so I knew that I would have to work hard and fast on it once I got to the session. When I arrived, I sat down with the script and began breaking it down using the tools and processes that Gunnar taught me at ACS. After about 4 minutes, the writer of the series came out of the room and said that they were ready for me. I went into the audition and they all laughed – the writer, director and lead actor. More importantly, I wasn’t “acting” in the scene, I was really in it. I got the job.

Phillip Daniel
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Audition Coaching

with ACS Founder, Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher

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“Gunnar is honestly one of the most talented people I’ve met in this industry – a brilliant performer, a gifted writer and a passionate and inspiring teacher. He has the rare combination of tremendous talent and the ability to teach it.” ~ Erin Ehrlich, Executive Producer/Director, MTV’s Awkward

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In today’s competitive market, audition coaching is becoming more common and necessary. Especially for recurring or lead roles. Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher has a vast knowledge of the current TV and Film market and can help you quickly craft a camera ready performance for auditions of all sizes, comedic or dramatic.

Gunnar was recently voted LA’s best Scripted Comedy Coach in the Backstage 2011 Reader’s Choice Poll. Sitcom auditions are his specialty.

Many of Gunnar’s clients have Guest Starred on network television shows, appeared in feature films and landed starring roles in network sitcom pilots.

Gunnar offers fast and expedient script analysis that maximizes the time spent in an audition coaching. He leaves actors with clear and well thought out notes and offers the support actors need to feel confident in their work. Actors who coach with Gunnar dramatically increase their callbacks and bookings.

In an audition coaching, Gunnar will help you:

  • Make sense of your breakdown.
  • Assess the material the way the writers and producers intended.
  • Concisely label your character’s immediate want in the scene.
  • Craft a specific characterization that is organic to you.
  • Make strong, funny choices without becoming “too big.”
  • Develop textured relationships with all other characters in the scene.
  • Identify the arc of the scene, so you know how to escalate and when to resolve.
  • Create a cohesive performance that fits the tone of the overall piece.
  • Execute your audition with confidence.

General Rates:                                            ACS Student Rates:

$150 1 hr                                                     $95 hr

$80 ½ hr                                                      $50 ½ hr

SKYPE Coaching available at the same rates.

Audition Coaching with Acting For Sitcoms Instructor, Elaine Hendrix:

Elaine Hendrix


General Rates:                             ACS Student Rates:

$120 1 hr                                      $95 hr

$65 ½ hr                                       $50 ½ hr





Audition Coaching with ACS Founder, Lauren Bertoni:

Lauren Bertoni Sitcom Blue Front Page   General Rates:                               ACS Student Rates: $120 1 hr                                        $95 hr $65 ½ hr                                         $50 ½ hr



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