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Micahel Piper-YounieI have had the pleasure of having Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher as my teacher for many years! He is crazy in tune with the world that is Television Comedy… and his knowledge, experience and humor makes him an excellent teacher! The quality of students at ACS is a testament to Gunnar’s hard work, intelligence, and passion for what he does! I know I can bring the funny but, with Gunnar as my teacher, I can bring it AND BOOK IT!

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Career Counseling

with ACS Founder, Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher


“I have had the pleasure of participating in several of  Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher’s classes. His outstanding teaching ability is matched by his personal interest in his students. He knows the business and the craft, enabling those under his guidance to achieve goals beyond their expectations. Gunnar has created a very positive change in my career.”

~ Kate Linder, Young And The Restless, Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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With a twenty year history of working in Hollywood, Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher has a broad perspective of the business. He’s taught thousands of actors of every age and type and has worked in just about every aspect of the entertainment industry.

His insights on career management have proven invaluable to many actors who have faced a variety of challenges over the years. Whether you’re an emerging actor trying to integrate yourself into Hollywood’s vast acting community or an experienced actor who’s transitioning into a new phase of your career, Gunnar can help.

If you’re a writer who procrastinates or has a phobia of marketing yourself, Gunnar can help with that, too. Sometimes artists need help reigniting their passion, returning to the business after a break or simply identifying themselves in the market place.

Gunnar has worked with all kinds of creative people to overcome obstacles and create a plan of action to meet goals. Career Counseling is the first step out of procrastination and into proactive management of your life. Gunnar can assist you in creating parameters and guidelines that will help you gain traction and move forward toward your ambitions.

When a group class isn’t the answer, Gunnar can help.


General Rates:                                       ACS Student Rates:

$150 hr                                                   $95 hour

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