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Alex BallRecently took the Comedy Intensive with Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher and Dorian Frankel at ACS. What a great experience, they really know they’re stuff, and if you’re looking to get you Comedy chops polished, this is the event to attend! You work many times in this Intensive, and having Casting Director Dorian Frankel give her insight into the casting process, is extremely helpful. Take the Intensive, you’ll be glad you did.

Alex Ball
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Private Class

In addition to ongoing group class, ACS also offers private acting class to actors who wish to work one on one.

Anyone can arrange private sessions with Gunnar or any of other highly skilled instructors. This is a quick and effective way to produce results for any actor who has a specific acting or auditioning issue to conquer.

Private classes are particularly effective for experienced actors who have the general dynamics of the industry under their belt but want to bring their comedic audition technique to the next level. Gunnar’s experience as a Network Dialogue Coach is particularly helpful in a one on one environment. He’s worked on sets, coached Emmy nominated actors and has a track record of proven success.

Individualized sessions are also great for newer actors who get “fast tracked” into the business. Working too soon might sound like a good problem to have, but it can also break careers. Private Classes are an effective way for actors to get up to speed when their opportunities exceed their experience.

A schedule for Private Class times is designed with your specific goals in mind. Our instructors will meet with you privately to devise a plan of action.

While ACS specializes in comedy, we are by no means limited to teaching or coaching comedy exclusively. We offer a nurturing and supportive environment that enables students to progress quickly toward their desired goals and break through both emotional and technical barriers.

$150 an hour

Consultations for Private Class Plans are always free.

Call or email for an appointment or to connect for more information.

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