Acting for Sitcoms 1

Script Analysis, Character Development, Joke Discovery

Acting for Sitcoms 1 will give you powerful tools you will use throughout your lifetime. We teach you world class script analysis, that lays the foundation for outstanding auditions. Writers and producers hire actors. When you understand scripts the way writers intended, you’ll start booking. The confidence and certainty you gain from our highly efficient approach to the work makes acting and auditioning fun. You’ll never walk into an audition with doubts about the material again.

AFS 1 is exactly the right place for new actors to start but also challenges those with moderate training. If you have a theater degree, improv/sketch training or a collection of courses under your belt, we will help you integrate your prior experience and level up to LA industry standards. With our training, you’ll never miss a clue in a script again.


Strengthen Your Foundation

Acting for Sitcoms 1 is a six-week intensive course, packed with powerhouse information that will start you on the PATH to success in comedy.

This is where we introduce you to our powerful iCAMERA script analysis method as well as The Heroes & Heroines of Comedy; Ten Comedy Archetypes Every Actor Should Know. Would you like an acting superpower? Our globally recognized system will give you just that.

ACS Founder, Gunnar Rohrbacher, designed iCAMERA to make life easier for you! A veteran of Hollywood, he honed his skills as a writer, actor and comedy teacher simultaneously over thirty years. The insight he brings to breaking down a comedy script is game changing. The story suddenly springs to life along with the jokes and characters.

The Heroes and Heroines of Comedy are archetypes utilized by writers throughout television history. As you grow more and more familiar with The Heroes & Heroines of Comedy, two things happen; 1) You gain a deeper understanding of how you are seen in the marketplace by casting, producers, agents and managers. 2) You grasp characters exactly the way the writers envisioned them. No more guessing!

Make Casting Directors Your Biggest Fans

Most actors begin their journey through our comprehensive training program here. Beginning in AFS 1 is highly recommended, even if you’ve had prior training. We want you to fully benefit from our PATH.

What you’ll learn at a glance:

➥  Our iCAMERA method of Sitcom Script Analysis

➥  The Heroes & Heroines of Comedy; Ten Comedy Archetypes Every Actor Should Know

➥  Cold Reading Technique

➥  Finding the Funny in the Script

➥  Essential online resources for actors, subscription services and professional research tools

Days & Times

Monday nights from 7 – 10 pm for six consecutive weeks.

Monday, January 28 through March 4



$390 for six weeks



Is there a prerequisite for this class?

No. This is our starting point for learning to act for television comedy.


What is the class size?

Class is limited to a maximum of 12 students.


What if I miss a class?

You can email your instructor at for notes and any materials handed out in class. Our six-week courses do not have class make-up options.


Can I check out the class before signing up?

In order to maintain class integrity, we do not allow auditing. If you would like to meet with one of our instructors for a brief, in-person meeting to ask questions and see our studio in person, you can email us at


It’s been a while since I took a class. Where should I start?

Acting for Sitcoms 1 is strongly encouraged for most actors who train at Actors Comedy Studio. Our method for working successfully in Sitcoms is thoroughly explored in AFS 1 and is challenging even for actors with a theater degree or a collection of various acting training.

Advanced and working actors are welcome to begin in Acting for Sitcoms 2 or Master Class, depending on experience and instructor approval.


Do you offer payment plans?

Your spot in the course is not secure until full payment is received.


I have zero experience. Will I be okay?

Yes! Our program is built to accommodate actors learning from scratch and experienced actors who want our specialized training in television comedy.


Where can I park?

Actors Comedy Studio is conveniently located in the heart of Los Angeles. Metered parking is available on Beverly Blvd. and additional plentiful parking is available in the safe and well-lit surrounding neighborhood.

We’re within walking distance of The Grove, Pan Pacific Park, CBS Studios, Erewhon Natural Foods Market, The U.S. Post Office, Urban Pet, Blick Art Supplies and a multitude of restaurants like Shaky Alibi, Terroni, Milk and El Coyote.

Because Actors Comedy Studio is also a social place, it was important for us to find a location that enables our students, faculty and friends to gather and network before and after class.


Beverly Blvd.

2 hour Metered Parking until 8 pm. After 8 pm, you can remain parked at metered spaces throughout the evening.

Vista and Gardner (Side Streets)

2 hour parking until 6 pm. Permit parking only thereafter.

Oakwood (1 block north of Beverly Blvd.)

Some sections are available except for 2 hour street cleaning restrictions during the day. Some sections are 2 hour parking only during the day and permit parking only after 6pm.

Rosewood (2 blocks north of Beverly Blvd.)

Some sections are available except for 2 hour street cleaning restrictions during the day. Some sections are 2 hour parking only during the day and permit parking only after 6pm.

There is no actor parking available in the lot behind the building.


How do I sign up for a course?

For Acting for Sitcoms 1, you can register online and pay for the course using a credit card or debit card. You can also register and pay in person with credit card, debit card, cash, or check. You can also call and enroll by phone.


How often does Acting for Sitcoms 1 meet?

Once a week for six consecutive weeks.


I still have questions, is there someone I can talk to?

Yes! You can email or call us at 323-302-9152.


Seats still available