Advanced Prep: Series Regular Ready

Get Ready for Life On Set, Network & Studio Testing

Advanced Prep is without a doubt one of Hollywood’s most exhilarating Acting Intensives. These eight weeks will immerse you in set life of TV Comedy. This course is a potent combination of craft and career guidance, industry insight and discovery. ACS Founders Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher and Lauren Marie Bertoni teach AP: Series Regular Ready along with several special Guest Instructors; Senior Agent Sarabeth Schedeen (BRS/Gage), Groundlings Instructor Phyllis Katz and award winning actress and activist Elaine Hendrix. With more than 100 years of experience between us, this class is a 100% Game Changer.

About the Class

Five Experts, Infinite Results

AP: Series Regular Ready evenly balances lecture and performance throughout eight weeks. We examine every perspective of a working actor’s life. The curriculum covers personal branding, feedback on headshots, the differences between single-cam and multi-cam comedies, set etiquette and much more. The course culminates in a three-camera shoot live in front of an audience, complete with joke and lines changes from professional writers.

Our generous, knowledgeable guest teachers answer all questions about how the industry functions with decades of combined experience and perspective. Sitcoms are everywhere now; Network, Cable, Premium Channels, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Youtube, etc. Make sure you’re prepared to book that work!

What you’ll learn at a glance:

➥  Who you are in the marketplace and how to pitch yourself

➥  The work week of a Sitcom actor

➥  How to have a successful relationship with your representation

➥  What it’s like to test with Networks and Studios

➥  How to incorporate newly written dialogue and jokes on the fly

Days & Times

Wednesday nights from 7 – 10 pm

Date TBA

Week by Week

Week 1 – Branding: How Casting Directors and Producers See You
With Gunnar and Lauren

This week includes a dynamic typing exercise which will help you accurately brand yourself in today’s competitive marketplace. Gunnar will review headshots and resumes, providing specific feedback for each actor. You’ll learn how to set yourself up for killer headshots that will get you noticed.

Week 2 – Casting: Multi-Camera vs. Single Camera Shows
With Gunnar and Lauren

There is a difference between auditioning for single & multi-camera comedies. We can explain it clearly and help you practice the extremely important distinction. You will be assigned your scene and partner for live multi-camera shoot night.

Week 3 – Playing: Staying Spontaneous with the Script
With Phyllis 

That was a lot of information in the first three weeks, now lets PLAY! Phyllis will work with students on their assigned scenes and translate the homework taught in prior weeks into fun, energetic performances.

Week 4 – Rehearsing: Table Read, Direction & Camera Blocking
With Gunnar

Your scene preparation will be put to the test this week. We will conduct a table read for all the scenes, give final performance notes and block them for a three-camera shoot the following week!

Week 5 – Shooting: Live in Front of an Audience!
With Gunnar, Lauren, Crew and Audience

Your performance night with a three-camera shoot, live in front of an audience! Just like a professional set, we’ll have warm up comic, professional writers punching up jokes and refreshemnts for the guests.

Many of our past students use clips for their reel footage!

Week 6 – Managing: Working with Your Representation
With Gunnar & Sarabeth

Spend three hours with one of LA’s top agents, Sarabeth Schedeen (BRS/Gage) learning the ins and outs of the greatest, most challenging business in the world. Now that you’re in Hollywood with your headshots and resumes, how do you keep from psychologically “going under”? Sarabeth shares the tips, secrets, life lessons, psychology and the philosophies that have made her a working success for 30+ years in the business of “show.”

Week 7 – Starring: Studio & Network Night
With Gunnar and Elaine

Students will chemistry read with working actor Elaine Hendrix (Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion, Parent Trap, etc.) Elaine will discuss pilot auditions and working directly with the Studios and Networks. She will cover everything from contract negotiations and deal memos to work sessions and collaborating with writers, producers and Network Executives at the Series Regular level. Invaluable information available nowhere else!

Week 8 – Graduating: Course Review and Screening
With Gunnar and Lauren

The course will conclude with a review of all previous weeks, including interactive exercises that will reinforce everything learned throughout the course. Then we conclude with a screening of the edited scenes from week seven! Refreshments and snacks will be provided as we view the scenes together on our 8 ft. projection screen.




Reserve your spot in class with half payment of $422.50

The second payment of $422.50 is due the first day of class.

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Is there a prerequisite for this class?

We recommend Comedy Essentials and The Audition Code first. However, AP: Series Regular Ready is open to anyone who wants a thorough overview of a career in TV comedy. Newer actors and experienced actors benefit equally in different ways from the expert knowledge offered in this course.


What is the class size?

Class is limited to a maximum of 12 students.


What if I miss a class?

AP: Series Regular Ready does not offer make up classes.


Can I check out the class before signing up?

In order to maintain class integrity, we do not allow auditing. If you would like to meet with one of our instructors for a brief, in-person meeting to ask questions and see our studio in person, you can email us at


Do you offer payment plans?

You can place a deposit of 50% to hold your spot in class at any time, but full payment is required before beginning. Your spot in the course is not secure until full payment is received.


I have zero experience. Will I be okay?

Yes! Our program is built to accommodate actors learning from scratch and experienced actors who want our specialized training in television comedy.


Where can I park?

Actors Comedy Studio is conveniently located in the heart of Los Angeles. Metered parking is available on Beverly Blvd. and additional plentiful parking is available in the safe and well-lit surrounding neighborhood.

We’re within walking distance of The Grove, Pan Pacific Park, CBS Studios, Erewhon Natural Foods Market, The U.S. Post Office, Urban Pet, Blick Art Supplies and a multitude of restaurants like Shaky Alibi, Terroni, Milk and El Coyote.

Because Actors Comedy Studio is also a social place, it was important for us to find a location that enables our students, faculty and friends to gather and network before and after class.


Beverly Blvd.

2 hour Metered Parking until 8 pm. After 8 pm, you can remain parked at metered spaces throughout the evening.

Vista and Gardner (Side Streets)

2 hour parking until 6 pm. Permit parking only thereafter.

Oakwood (1 block north of Beverly Blvd.)

Some sections are available except for 2 hour street cleaning restrictions during the day. Some sections are 2 hour parking only during the day and permit parking only after 6pm.

Rosewood (2 blocks north of Beverly Blvd.)

Some sections are available except for 2 hour street cleaning restrictions during the day. Some sections are 2 hour parking only during the day and permit parking only after 6pm.

There is no actor parking available in the lot behind the building.


How do I sign up for a course?

You can hold your spot at any time by paying a 50% deposit. You can register online with a credit or debit card or pay in person with credit card, debit card, cash, or check.


How often does AP: Series Regular Ready meet?

Once a week for eight consecutive weeks.


I still have questions, is there someone I can talk to?

Yes! You can email or call us at 323-302-9152.


Sold out!