Audition Coaching

Expert Help When You Need It Most

Have a big audition coming up? Need to be sure you’re making the choices the writers and producers are looking for? Maybe you need the confidence boost that comes with extra preparedness. Come get some.

Actors Comedy Studio is an acting and writing school, so we’re particularly adept at helping you make choices that are on the money. We’ll get you into the heads of the writers so you understand the story and character as they do. Since we’re comedy specialists, we can help you crush single-cam, multi-cam and dramedy auditions. We’re no slouches at straight up drama, either.

As a Master Coach with more than twenty-five years experience teaching and directing comedy, Gunnar can crack the code of any script. He works with the top names in Hollywood on series regular auditions throughout the year.

$145 for a one hour appointment with Gunnar

$85 for a half-hour appointment with Gunnar

Generally 3 pages of dialogue or less require a half-hour, 4 pages of dialogue or more require an hour.

To schedule an appointment call or email: