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Daniel NemesI’m an actor from Sydney, Australia and I’ve worked with Gunnar in L.A. Working with Gunnar is one of the things I’m most looking forward to when I go back to L.A.

Daniel Nemes
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Infinite Writing



Channel, create, perform

Tuesdays 7 – 10 PM
July 11 – August 15

In this six-week workshop, Beth will help you find the story of your life and use it in the funniest way possible to develop your unique point of view, create projects and even new ways of working!


Her approach is highly individualized. Each of her students get personalized notes and specific guidance tailored not only their unique style of story telling but also to their specific way of learning. 


Beth will cover:
  • The Infinite Loop of writing and performing
  • How to produce comedy through life experience
  • Different ways to showcase your unique talents
  • Creating content from a personal and authentic place


Infinite Writing is a mixed-level class, which has included working comedians, TV Show Runners, produced screenwriters, published authors, professional actors, teachers, therapists, ministers and attorneys. Also, sketch comedians who want to make the leap to stand-up, stand-ups who want to freshen up their acts and writers who need to work on pitching. and some absolute beginners who want to face their fear of being on stage.


You can bring in projects you’ve been working on or Beth can guide you toward content creation within class. You can do homework between weeks or not. 


Alumns of Infinite Writing have gone on to write for 30 Rock, King of the Hill, and many other TV shows, publish books, sell pitches, get acting and hosting jobs, do TED Talks, create one-person shows, produce successful podcasts, win story slams, and lead fuller, richer lives.

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