Network & Studio Prep with Elaine

Auditioning at the Network and Studio level is different than other auditions. Testing can include multiple work sessions, chemistry reads with marquee actors and performing in front of executives you’ve just met. You can be auditioning for the role of a lifetime in a large theater or a small conference room.

You will be asked to sign a deal memo that includes your salary and all the terms of your contract right before you audition.

If you’ve gotten that far, you’re obviously in great shape. But are you fully prepared for that moment of your career? It can be nerve wracking and real support can be hard to come by. What if you had a coach who could answer all your questions and give you clear guidance before you arrive at that point?

Elaine Hendrix has auditioned for more than a hundred pilots and booked over a dozen. She can prepare you for the rigors of Network and Studio Testing as well as coach your performance. Notes and adjustments are given all the way through the booking process. Elaine can expertly help you translate feedback into certain performance choices.

We’re Cheering You On At Every Level

Knowing what to expect as your career nears its apex can mean everything. A one hour session with Elaine can give you the confidence and insight you need to cement the career aspirations you’ve worked so hard for.

Work session with Elaine will likely be via Skype.

To schedule an appointment or check rates, call or email: