The Heroes of Comedy

This highly popular and interactive intensive will introduce you to The Heroes of Comedy; Ten Comedic Archetypes Every Actor Should Know. Helpful for writers as well as actors!

These are universally recognized character types used by writers throughout TV history. Getting to know these archetypes helps you develop characters with more clarity and accuracy.

In addition, you will begin to see what type of person the writer is asking you to play without question or doubt as soon as you read your auditions sides. No more guessing! Gunnar will also help you identify your personal strengths which help you understand your branding and personal casting even better.

Writers – Knowing The Heroes of Comedy definitely helps your characters jump off the page.

Learn about:

➥  The Anchor

➥  The Dreamer

➥  The Neurotic

➥  The Rebel

➥  The Narcissist

➥  The Buffoon

➥  The Eccentric

➥  The Innocent

➥  The Cynic

➥  The Player

And find out which ones are most like you!

Friday, August 21

12 – 2 pm PST


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Our online courses are conducted through ZOOM.


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