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Nathan LucasGunnar changed me into a booking actor, transformed me into a quick study for cold reads, and provided the tools I need for a career. He also mentored me in self-marketing! What teacher in Hollywood does that!? So if you are looking for a great learning environment, with amazing methods to help you book jobs, with a teacher who’ll spend the time to really get to know you and help you reach your highest peak, then I’d highly recommend the Actors Comedy Studio. Trust me, I bounced from 4 different “Well known” studios and none compare!

Nathan Lucas
7461 Beverly Blvd. Ste. 202
Los Angeles, CA 90036


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Sitcom Essentials

The most comprehensive Sitcom Course available anywhere, with a three camera shoot LIVE in front of an audience!

This class is extremely popular and sells out fast!


September 11 – November 13
Tuesdays 7 -10 pm





Designed and taught by: 

ACS Founders Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher and Lauren Marie Bertoni

Plus Special Guest Instructors; Senior Agent Sarabeth Schedeen (BRS/Gage), Groundlings Instructor Phyllis Katz and award winning actress Elaine Hendrix.

Comedies are everywhere now; Network, Cable, Premium Channels, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Youtube, etc. Make sure you know how to audition and book that work!



Week 1 – Top Ten Characters of Comedy

with ACS Co-Founder, Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher

Gunnar will discuss Comedic Archetypes & Character Development for TV & Film. This week includes typing exercises which will help you accurately brand yourself in today’s competitive marketplace.

Week 2 – Superior Sitcom Script Analysis pt. I

With ACS Co-Founder, Lauren Marie Bertoni

Lauren will introduce the class to ACS’s exclusive iCAMERA method of breaking down a script for immediate success. Understand the script, comedy and characters the way the writers intended. 

Week 3 – Superior Sitcom Script Analysis pt. II

With ACS Co-Founder, Lauren Marie Bertoni

In the second week of Superior Sitcom Script Analysis, Lauren will go further into understanding what’s in the text. Students will learn to develop substantial relationships to other characters, memories, locations and objects in an instant. 

Week 4 – Multi-Camera vs. Single Camera Audition Technique

With Gunnar and Lauren

There is a difference between auditioning for single & multi-camera comedies. We can explain it clearly and help you practice the extremely important distinction. You will be assigned your scene and partner for live multi-camera shoot night.

Week 5 – Staying Spontaneous with the Script

With Phyllis Katz, Groundling Instructor and Founding Member

That was a lot of information in the first three weeks, now lets PLAY! Phyllis will work with students on their assigned scenes and translate the homework taught in prior weeks into fun, energetic performances. 

Week 6 – Table Read, Rehearsal and Camera Blocking

With Gunnar

Your scene preparation will be put to the test on this week. We will conduct a table read for all the scenes, give final performance notes and block them for a three camera shoot the following week, live in front of an audience!

Week 7 – Shoot Night live in front of an audience

With Gunnar, Lauren, Crew and Audience

Your performance night with a three-camera shoot, live in front of an audience!

Many of our past students use clips for their reel footage!

We will do multiple takes of each scene with a team of writers present. We’ll start and stop as needed and actors will be directed and given rewrites on the fly. Actors will be challenged to incorporate new lines and jokes into their scenes with crew and audience standing by.

This is a truly unique opportunity to practice life on the set and experience professional challenges in a fun and safe setting!  

Week 8 – Studio and Network Night

With Gunnar & Elaine Hendrix

Students will chemistry read with working actor Elaine Hendrix (Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion, Parent Trap, etc.) Elaine will discuss the reality of pilot auditions and working directly with the Studios and Networks. She will cover everything from contract negotiations and deal memos to work sessions and collaborating with writers, producers and Network Executives at the Series Regular level. Invaluable information available nowhere else!

Week 9 – Lecture and Q&A with one of LA’s Top Agents

With Sarabeth Schedeen, Senior Agent at BRS/Gage

Spend three hours with one of LA’s top agents, learning the ins and outs of the greatest, most challenging business in the world. Now that you’re in Hollywood with your headshots and resumes, how do you keep from psychologically “going under”? Sarabeth shares the tips, secrets, life lessons, psychology and the philosophies that have made her a working success for 30+ years in the business  of  “show.”  

Week 10 – It’s a Wrap!

With Gunnar and Lauren

The course will conclude with a review of all previous weeks, including interactive exercises that will reinforce everything learned throughout the course. Then we conclude with a screening of the edited scenes from week seven! Refreshments and snacks will be provided as we view the scenes together on our 8 ft. projection screen.


$1195 for the course, in 2 payments of $597.50


The Reviews are in!

“Even though I’ve had previous experience performing on multi-camera TV shows, I still learned a lot… things I wish I learned before.” ~ Mieko Hillman


“As an actor, I’ve been studying sitcoms consistently for a few years, and I have plenty of on-stage improv and theater experience, but the live taping was something I’ve never encountered before: to be handed 4 consecutive lines changes, all of them killer jokes, and to have less than a minute to wrap your head around it in order to nail it on take 2 is mind boggling. It’s also thrilling, exciting, challenging, and most importantly, forces you to trust yourself, your homework and your training.” ~ Sarah McLean


“Gunnar has the incredibly unique talent of pinpointing what may be holding you back in your performance and eliminating it – all the while keeping your performance truthful to who you are. He allows your own comedic genius to shine through and simply helps you become better.” ~ Cheryl Texiera


“This studio is run by Lauren Bertoni and  Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher; two of the elite in the business. These people not only know EVERYTHING but they know EVERYONE! And if you are in LA- you know thats what matters. Check their credentials. Facts don’t lie. Being blessed enough to be in the same room with them and be taught by them is out of this world. These are 2 people in hollywood who ARE NOT SELFISH with their knowledge.” ~ Kiara McCarthy


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