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Robin PhelpsRun don’t walk to sign up at ACS! You get a taste of all the following in Gunnar’s classes: cold reading, audition technique, scene study, TV single camera, TV multi-camera, improv, film comedy, basic scene study, character analysis, etc. We also celebrate good news and share helpful info on the biz each week before class starts. It’s really a supportive environment, and I’ve made my best friends in LA through these classes. What a great feeling to be part of a group where you are learning, growing and being with people you respect and love to be around. Oh, and most importantly, laughing your ass off!

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Smart Headshots


Not Smart.

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Very Smart:

Every actor knows they need a winning head shot. Unfortunately, not every actor knows what that means or how to get one. In fact, actors are often lost as to exactly how to prepare for a head shot session, what to offer their photographer during the session or even what to do besides smile for the camera.

There’s much more to it than that. Head shots are an expensive and often confusing aspect of an actor’s career. Knowing how to produce an eye catching head shot that’s also an accurate representation of you can literally mean the difference between having a career or not.

That’s why Gunnar created Smart Headshots: a one-hour consultation that gives actors all the tools and training they need for an effective head shot session.

Aside from head shot basic training, you’ll leave with at least three different breakdowns that you and Gunnar will create together. They will be reflective of roles in which you’re likely to be cast. Some of the benefits of a Smart Head Shots Session:

  • Personalized attention to your specific type and abilities.
  • Direction on wardrobe, makeup and hair.
  • Highlight your essence so you can bring it to the camera.
  • Help you articulate what you’re looking for to your photographer.
  • Fully understand what your different “Looks” should be and why.
  • Tips that any actor can use to make their head shot session a success.

Gunnar has prepped hundreds of actors for head shot sessions and is one of only a few instructors in Los Angeles who offers comprehensive, one on one guidance in preparing for one of the most important and expensive aspects of their career.

Ultimately, Smart Head Shots puts actors more in touch with who they are in the marketplace. Knowing this in advance of having your pictures taken will save you time, money and spare you endless frustration.

One hour private consultation: $150

Students enrolled in any ACS class: $95

Call or email to schedule an appt. or connect for more information.


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